Chess 4 Charity is a 501c3 non-profit, created by kids, to raise money for charities through chess tournaments, etc.
Chess 4 Charity in the News

Washington Post / Fairfax Times (circulation 100,000)
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American Girl Magazine (National) (circulation 400,000)

US Chess Magazine (National) (circulation 50,000)

Patch Local News (Video):

Patch Local News

Virginia STEAM Academy Website

Virginia STEAM Academy | Chess For Charity - Virginia STEAM Academy.pdf
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Press Release Coverage

How you or your kids can start a charity in 3 easy steps - LinkedIn

How you or your kids can start a charity in 3 easy steps - Parenting Blog

Twitter  @Chess4Charity


More local news coverage

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(circulation 130,000)  
(circulation 130,000)

Silver Knights Chess,shop.browse/category_id12/Itemid.45/

Ronald McDonald House Charities

In a national Magazine - American Girl Magazine!
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Fairfax County Times Article Chess 4 Charity Oct 17 2014.pdf
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