Chess 4 Charity is a 501c3 non-profit, created by kids, to raise money for charities through chess tournaments, etc.

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Here's who is already registered so far....
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  Last Name First Name Grade School Rating
1 Heller Garrett 8 Kilmer MS 2025
2 Wiseman Camden 11 TJ 1928
3 Croll James 8 JL Simpson MS 406
4 Wilson Ronen 3 Ashburn ES 1937
5 Wilson Jeff Adult   unrated
6 Wilson Kallister Pre-K   unrated
7 Huang Andy 8 Kilmer MS 2264
8 Nair Siddhant 6 Poplar Tree ES 1888
9 Bastow Jett 2 Drew Model ES unrated
10 Bastow Phillip K Drew Model ES unrated
11 Kettunen Roope 8 Kilmer MS unrated

We want any kids out there to know that even little kids can make a big difference in the world.  All it took in this case was 2 kids and a dream.... 

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